Friday, January 31, 2014

When I was kid...

When I was kid...
I aimed to be a news reader
but I realize that I'm pelat

When I was kid..
I noticed that there are lots of poor people
and it made me to be a leader,
create money and distribute to them
But now I realize it will create inflation

When I was kid...
My ambition was also to be a teacher
I started to write on wall in my house
Feeling like a teacher write on whiteboard
But now I rejected offer to be a teacher from IPG.

When I was kid...
I see how hard my mom worked to raise me up
I see how strict my mum stressed on my education
and now she's not here with me.

When I was kid...
Too much hopes that I aimed
Too much memory that I restored
Too much events that I through

But now,
Some of hopes gone far from my life
Some of the significance one already left me

Move on, Zubair

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